August 7, 2008

Local Search Goes Global

posted by Chris in Snooth

Here at Camp Snooth, we’ve been working with the best and brightest to give new features to our users. Anybody who’s been around for awhile knows that we rarely take breaks, and when we do, we’re still thinking about how to make the site even more awesome.

France Local Search

Well, that’s pretty helpful if I ever go to Carcassonne. The store list at the top of the page is clickable, so I can see the address of the store. There is even a map link that will open a google page.

Carcassonne Merchant

In addition to France, we threw in local search for, what the heck: Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, and Spain. As we expand our list of merchants (now 11,000), we’ll be adding more countries. Stay tuned!

by mark · August 11, 2008 at 10:27 am

Great for travelers — great for those at home — great news all around!

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