June 20, 2007

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My Ratings RSS Feeds

If you log in now and go to either your home page or the ‘my ratings’ page, you’ll notice a funny little icon.

We added RSS feeds.

What does this mean? Well if you use an RSS reader, you can now have your ratings fed into your reader so you can see the wines you rated, offline, or any other time. You can also send the feed URL to your friends and they can keep on top of the wines you’re rating. Once we add the friends feature, this will become simpler and you can subscribe to the feeds of your friends, or people whose tastes you like. Once we add wish lists you can keep track of the wines your friends want to buy as well.

The best use we’ve seen of this so far (and the catalyst for getting this done yesterday) has been Tim from WineCast who’ll begin using it to post reviews on Snooth and have then fed automatically into the WineCast blog. A fantastically innovative idea and something we at Snooth are proud to be a part of.

by Tim · June 20, 2007 at 8:47 am

Thanks for getting this set-up on Snooth, Philip. My first test posts will be done later tonight on Winecast…

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